What is My Pet Poster® ?
My Pet Poster® offers personalized one-of-a-kind posters of pets. With a minimalist and Scandinavian touch, the posters are perfect as a timeless interior piece in your home or as a personal gift.  

How does it work?
You can read our step by step guide here 

What kinds of pets and animals can I send photos of? 
All pets no matter their kind or size deserves a custom pet poster. Our artists are talented and can illustrate any animal! 

In what size does My Pet Poster® come?
50 x 70 centimetres (19,7 x 27,5 in)
30 x 40 centimetres (11 x 17 in)

What languages can be used in the poster?
You can use your own preferred language. Please keep in mind that you always need to double check your own text since we are not responsible to correct your spelling mistakes.

Is a frame included?
No frame is included. We offer poster hangers separately, you can check them out here

On what kind of paper is the poster printed?
200 gram/m2 Premium Matte Paper. 

Can I return my poster?
Since each poster is customized and made by order, unfortunately it is not possible to make a refund.

I’ve made a mistake in my order, can I change it?
Please contact us at info@mypetposter.se within 24 hours from the moment your have placed your order and we will help you. If it's more than 24 hours, it's unfortunately too late. 

What is the estimated delivery time? 
Up to 7 working days within Sweden 
Up to 14 working days within Europe 
Up to 21 working days worldwide.

Please notice that your country's customs duty can delay the delivery. 

Please contact us at info@mypetposter.se if you want us to provide you with a more specific estimated delivery time to your country. 

Do you ship to my country and how much does the shipping cost?
We ship worldwide. Please note that depending on which country you order to, an additional customs import duty can be charged to your package.

Which payment methods are available?
Accepted payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

How do you make the illustrations? 
All our posters are made from scratch by My Pet Poster®'s illustrators. When we have your pet's personal information, the artist will start interpreting your photo and create an illustration of it on a digital print. Once it's ready and approved by our in-house team, we print and ship it. 

What if I don't like my artwork? 
We are dedicated to ensuring you're happy with the final product. Thats why we have gathered a team of talented artists that have several years of experience. If you don't like it for any reason, please reach out to our support team and we'll do our best to help you.

Can I see the final artwork before you print it? 
It would unfortunately be too time consuming for our little team behind My Pet Poster® to offer that service so we can't send proofs before printing. However, there is no reason to be worried. Our artists are talented and as long as you like what you see on our online store, we are certain that you'll be satisfied. 

Where are you located? 
My Pet Poster® design studio is located in Stockholm, Sweden where we create, print and ship all our posters. 

If I should have tributes, questions or a complaints? 
Please contact us at info@mypetposter.se.