Check list for photo approval 

  • Make sure that your pets full body is in the photo
  • Photos of your pets looking away from the camera that shows your pets silhouette is preferred by our artists. 
  • Remember that your pets unique features must be shown on the photo to be able to illustrate. Our artists draw the pets as they are in the photo provided. 
  • Check the photo quality - blurry photos and low resolution images will not be approved. 
  • We prefer photos with a calm background without disturbing objects. Background or surrounding objects are not included in your artwork. 

Please note

If your photo doesn't follow our guidelines, we cannot guarantee that the final artwork will come out as you have expected. We cannot offer replacements. So please take your time to take a good photo.

My Pet Posters' illustrators examples that are shown on site are made from high quality photos. If you are insecure, you can always contact our customer service before placing your order: